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Suitable for Rectangular Duct
The AJS type B range of light weight extruded aluminium multi-leaf volume control dampers, manufactured by us in the UK have been designed specifically for ease of balancing airflow through ducting systems. The range offers both flanged and spigot / slip joint installation connections, a choice of 2 manual hand controls with visual open/closed indication, (quick release plastic hand control or zinc cast quadrant hand control) and motorised operation control. (12mm Ø Zinc cast extended spindle)
Specification / Features
  •  BSRIA Quality approved pressure tested.
  • Type B - Slip joint / spigot. (Rectangular duct)
Specification / Features
  • Multi-leaf
  • Opposed 90º rotation aerofoil blades.
  • Slim-line casing - 75mm depth.
  • Visual indication - manual control.
  • Internal/None visible gear assembly.
  • Zinc cast – internally gear mounted spindle.
  • High impact - glass filled polypropylene gears.
Operation Options
  • Manual – Plastic quick release hand control
  • Manual – Zinc cast quadrant hand control.
  • Motorised – 12mm Ø Zinc Cast Spindle.
Duct Connection type
  • Galvanised steel slip joint / spigot.
  • Extruded aluminium casing.
  • Extruded aluminium aerofoil blades.
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Multi-Leaf Volume Control Dampers
VCD (Rectangular Range)
Multi-Leaf -Type B (Spigot)
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