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Suitable for Rectangular &

Spiral/Circular Duct

The AJS fire damper range is designed for low - medium & high air velocity ductwork systems. Manufactured by us in the UK, providing a curtain type fire damper designed specifically to prevent the spread of flames through ductwork systems in fire conditions. The fire damper is activated via a fusible link element set to trigger @ 72ºC. Operation of the fusible link can be manually tested, allowing the blade pack to close instantly under spring tension, locked in place via radius locking ramps providing a solid barrier to flames.
Specification / Features
  • Independently tested by Warrington Fire Research Centre achieving a full 4 hour rating.
Model Range Includes
Factory Fitted Installation Options
  • Drywall Frame.
  • Fire Curtain Frame.
  • Hanging Cleats.
  • HEVAC Frame.
Material Options
  • Galvanised steel.
  • Stainless steel.
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Curtain Fire Dampers
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