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Suitable for Rectangular &
Spiral/Circular Duct

The AJS range of light weight extruded aluminium non return dampers, manufactured by us in the UK have been designed specifically as a one way airflow valve. The damper blades are designed to react / operate to the increase and decrease of airflow through the system
Specification / Features
Range Includes
  • Type A - Flanged. (Rectangular duct)
  • Type B - Slip joint / spigot. (Rectangular duct)
  • Type C - Slip joint / spigot. (Spiral/Circular duct)
Duct Connection type
  • Flanged 35mm.
  • Galvanised steel slip joint / spigot.
  • Extruded aluminium casing.
  • Extruded aluminium aerofoil blades.
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Non Return Dampers
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