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Suitable for Spiral/Circular Duct
The AJS access slip joint range is designed for both strength and to gain safe and easy access without the need of cutting holes into the ductwork. Offering a clean pre-punched safe edge at the access opening and reducing the risk of personal injury whilst carrying out routine maintenance and ductwork cleaning. Manufactured by us here in the U.K, the access split joint is supplied and fitted with our “easy fit chained access doors” completely assembled and ready for use.  
Specification / Features
  • Factory fitted access door c/w safety retaining chain.
  • Pre-punched/Clean cut safe edge at duct access opening point
  • Installation is as simple as fitting a coupler
  • No need for cutting holes into duct
  • No fitting of access doors (already assembled)
  • Overall huge reduction in labour, time & costs
Duct Size & Model Options
  • Type A - Suitable for 80 - 150mm Ø
  • Type B - Suitable for 150 - 450mm Ø
  • Type C - Suitable for 400 - 1000mm Ø
Access Door Size
  • Type A - 200x80mm
  • Type B - 250x150mm
  • Type C - 400x3000mm
Circular Product Range
  • Galvanised mild steel.
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Access Slip Joints
450mm Dia Access Slip Joint c/w Type C - Chained Access Door
450mm Dia Access Slip Joint c-w Type C - Chained Access Door

* Image for illustration purposes only.
450mm Dia Galvanised Mild Steel Access Slip Joint c/w 400mmW x 300mmH Chained Access Door

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